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IP Wizard Toolpack 3.0.7

IP Wizard is a complete set of tools that gives all Internet related controls
3.0.7 (See all)

The IP Wizard software program is a complete set of tools that gives you all Internet related controls. With these ActiveX controls you will be able to make the most out of the Internet and work using your maximum capacity. One advantage of this package of tools is that it is easy to use. Everything is clearly explained and each of the tools has many functions so you will have no trouble implementing anything.
Another advantage of the IP Wizard program is that it offers all the controls that you will ever need. The following controls are all included in the set: POP3 Wizard SSL, SMTP Wizard SSL, Encoder Wizard, HTTP Wizard SSL, MIME Wizard, FTP Wizard, Ping Wizard, NNTP Wizard, SNTP Wizard, TraceRoute Wizard, SSL Socket Wizard, DNS MX Wizard, WHOIS Wizard, Finger Wizard.
With this complete set of tools you will have any project done in a short time. Since everything works together, there will be no problems due to non-compliant servers or bugs that have to be taken care of. The IP Wizard Toolpack is easy enough to use, that even non-experts will be able to get their project done.

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  • Very comprehensive, offers all tools necessary


  • Have to purchase all to have complete set
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